COVID19: Analysis of Impact and Relief Measures

This page archives information on COVID-19 related studies and efforts being conducted by Azim Premji University as well as partner institutions, Civil Society Organisations, academic institutions, and individuals. We also compile studies carried out by other institutions or organisations for ease of reference. Please click on links below for further information.

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Azim Premji University COVID-19 Livelihoods Survey

We are partnering with ten Civil Society Organisations to do a phone survey across several major states on the impact of the lockdown on livelihoods and knowledge of and access to relief schemes. The survey is partly supported by Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives. The pilot was done by field personnel of Azim Premji Foundation.

Survey Documents
State-level Findings

Data dashboards below display Results for all States combined as well as State-level results based on a total sample of 5000 interviews across 12 states. Please allow a few seconds for the dashboards to load. Note that this is a purposive sample. Results pertain to the sample only and are not representative of a state or the country. Averages are unweighted.


Reports on Migrant Workers
32 Days and Counting

A follow-up report on the stranded migrant workers by the Stranded Workers Action Network (SWAN).

21 Days and Counting

A report on the stranded migrant workers by the Stranded Workers Action Network (SWAN).


Compilation of COVID19 Lockdown Impact Surveys

This Google spreadsheet compiles key features of current or recently completed surveys. If you represent one of the organisations that has carried out a survey and want to add or edit the information displayed, please contact us at