COVID19 Livelihoods Phone Survey

About the survey

In April and May 2020 we partnered with ten Civil Society Organisations to do a phone survey (Round 1) of nearly 5,000 workers across several major states on the impact of the lockdown on livelihoods i.e. employment and earnings prior to and during the lockdown, and knowledge of and access to relief schemes. The survey was partly supported by Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives. The pilot was done by field personnel of Azim Premji Foundation.

A subsequent round (Round 2) was conducted between October and December 2020 to gauge the extent of economic recovery. Of the nearly 5,000 workers interviewed during the lockdown, we managed to reach 2,778 respondents in Round 2.

Data Dashboard

The data dashboards below display results for all States combined (rural, urban and total). State-level results including webinars from Round 1 are available in the State-level Findings section below. Please allow a few seconds for the dashboards to load. Note that this is a purposive sample. Results pertain to the sample only and are not representative of a state or the country. Averages are unweighted.

Dashboard- Results of Round 1 (data collected between Apr and May, 2020)

Dashboard- Results of Round 2 (data collected between Oct and Dec, 2020)

Unit-level data

The unit-level data (in dta format) for both rounds along with questionnaires, codebook and a “Read Me” file are available here.

Publications and other materials
State-level Findings (Round 1)

State Findings Press Release Webinar
All States English English / Hindi Recording / slides
Karnataka English / Kannada English/Kannada Recording / Slides
Bihar English / Hindi English/Hindi Recording / Slides
Jharkhand English / Hindi English/Hindi Recording / Slides
Madhya Pradesh English / Hindi English/Hindi Recording / Slides
Odisha English / Odiya English/Hindi Recording / Slides
Rajasthan English / Hindi English/Hindi Recording / Slides
Gujarat English English/Hindi Recording / Slides
Delhi English / Hindi English/Hindi Recording / Slides
Pune English English/Hindi Recording / Slides
Andhra Pradesh English / Telugu English  
Telangana English / Telugu English  
West Bengal English