Microenterprises in India – A Multidimensional Analysis

Amit Basole and Vidya Chandy | October 16, 2019
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Fiscal Transfers and Inflation: Evidence from India

Girish Bahal and Anand Shrivastava | December 18, 2019
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Towards higher female work participation in India: what can be done?

Santosh Mehrotra and Sharmistha Sinha | January 23, 2019
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Recrafting Indian Industry: A Note

Aseem Shrivastava | May 4, 2018
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A Policy Proposal for Green Jobs in India

Rohit Azad and Shouvik Chakraborty | April 7, 2018
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Analysis of Payment Delays and Delay Compensation in MGNREGA

Rajendran Narayanan, Sakina Dhorajiwala, and Rajesh Golani | April 7, 2018
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Women Workers in India – Labour Force Trends, Occupational Diversification, and Wage Gaps

Bidisha Mondal, Jayati Ghosh, Shiney Chakraborty, and Sona Mitra  | March 7, 2018
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An Approach to the Problem of Employment in India

Deepankar Basu | March 7, 2018

We are happy to release the first research paper under the new CSE Working Paper Series.

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Where has all the jobs data gone?

Rosa Abraham, Janaki Shibu, Rajendran Narayanan | February 1, 2019

This article appeared in the Business Standard , January 30th, 2019.

The RTIs and the responses to the RTIs referred to in the article are included here.


Status of NSSO 2017-18 EUS


     Response to RTI


Press Release (11th June, 2018): Government Takes Measures to Bring More Transparency in Employment Related Data Releases


Status of LB 2016-17 EUS


     Response to RTI

Follow-up RTI on LB 2016-17 EUS


     Response to RTI



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Jobless Growth Plagues India

Amit Basole | June 12, 2017
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Published Research by CSE Fellows

CSE Team | August 30, 2019


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