SWI 2018 Background Papers

State of Working India draws on a wide-range of studies by scholars, journalists, activists, and policy-makers. Some of these have been published last year as CSE Working Papers. Edited versions of these papers are now being brought out as SWI 2018 Background Papers. A new paper will be added each week.

  1. Bidisha Mondal, Jayati Ghosh, Shiney Chakraborty and Sona Mitra: Women Workers in India: Labour Force Trends, Occupational Diversification, and Wage Gaps – Download as PDF
  2. Rajendran Narayanan, Sakina Dhorajiwala, Rajesh Golani: Analysis of Payment Delays and Delay Compensation in NREGA: Finding across Ten States for Financial Year 2016-17 – Download as PDF