The Indian Labour Market through the Lens of Public Sector Recruitment


This report uses data from TNPSC and a survey of over 3000 candidates to shed light on policy-relevant questions about the recruitment process: Who applies? Why do they apply? Why are people willing to invest so much in exam preparation? Why are people willing to gamble on such low odds of getting selected? What is the best way of structuring recruitments for both candidates and the government?

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Summary Articles:

VoxDev: The costs of extreme competition for government jobs: Evidence from India

Ideas for India: The costs of extreme competition for government jobs

Further Reading:

Mangal, Kunal (2022a), “How much are government jobs in developing countries worth?.” Download here.
Mangal, Kunal (2022b), “The long-run costs of highly competitive exams for government jobs.” Download here.


Are the statistics in the report official?

Although the report uses official data, the statistics in the report were not computed by TNPSC. Therefore, none of these statistics are official, and any errors in processing the data are entirely my own.

Is the report written in affiliation with any coaching center?

No. We are academic researchers. No one who was involved in either collecting and analyzing the data had any affiliation to a coaching center.

Will the report be available in Tamil?

We hope to be able to provide a Tamil summary of the report in the near future.